Saturday, April 25, 2009


Gary is very concerned about the flu pandemic. We were going to invest in Apple but we're waiting till Monday to see how the stock market will be affected. Deb is not as worried about the flu because she never gets it but we read that healthy people succumb first and that is cause for concern. All that broccoli and for what? Gary, who lived on a diet of Baby Ruths and Pepsi for the better part of his adolescence, college, and post graduate life will be spared. Oh the ironies... 

We interrupt this post for a special health bulletin: As official Beehive CHO (Corporate Hypochondria Officer), Gary would like to remind all that honey is an excellent defense against many disease agents. However, he is uncertain of whether the golden elixir kills viruses, of which the flu is one. More research and further advisories will follow. Meanwhile Deb recommends the book Honey, Mud, Maggots and other Medicinal Wonders as a wonderful resource for hypochondriacs everywhere.

Gary promised he would bring home some trout after his first attempt to fly fish this season but all he caught was the game warden, who was the nicest guy he ever met carrying a nine millimeter handgun. Maybe we should be stocking up on more than trout for the projected looting of Shaws and Walmart.

There. We're updated.