Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Diner

To celebrate Deb's MFA status, we fled Vermont for the weekend. Portsmouth, NH is a sweet little town with lots of good restaurants and one GEN-YOO-WINE American Diner. In various forms, Gilley's PM Lunch has served the city of Portsmouth since 1914. On an icy Sunday night, we found its current incarnation, a 1940 Worcester Diner, warm and welcoming.

Owner Steve Kennedy hooked us up with some great historical info about the diner, and showed us some cool shots of its predecessors, horse and tractor-drawn lunch carts that trolled the streets looking for hungry dock hands and business folks in days long past. I devoured one of Steve's "100% chuck loin" cheeseburgers, and Deb dined on a chili dog, which she pronounced divine.

The place wasn't too busy, so Steve and Deb shot the breeze about legendary Vermont deer hunter Larry Benoit. Years back, Deb interviewed Larry for her radio show, Local Color. And Steve currently serves as Larry's videographer, helping to create how-to videos for wannabee buckmasters.

All in all, Gilley's was a great experience. So if you're in Portsmouth, stop by, sample the goods, and tell Steve the folks from The Beehive sent you.


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  1. Very cool. Remember the place from the 70's and 80's. Does anyone recall a guy from Portsmouth named the Moose Man? He painted pictures of moose and was a little off his rocker. There was also a lady who frequented the public library and diners called the Pig Lady, who told passers by that by the year 2000 all people would revert to pigs, as we had been at the start of time. I am not making these guys up.