Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Out LIke a LIght

Eli and I are listening to Marko the Magician's Hypnosis CD so we can fall asleep. It's not like I haven't tried guided visualization to get to sleep before, and with some success, but there's nothing quite like mother-son insomniacs doing hypnosis together. We turn off the lights in the living room, sit upright in a chair and let Marko count backward from ten to one as he instructs our shoulders to drop and takes us to some beach only celebrities can afford to go. The only problem is that he insists on bringing us out of this pleasant hypnotic state, the idea being that if we can do this five minute exercise a few times a day we'll be able to induce this state of relaxation on our own. But it is still very annoying to have to come out when you just got in. Hypnosis is apparently a dangerous sport. Every year we go to see Marko's hypnosis show on New Year's Eve and when he says the word "microphone," one guy starts running around City Hall shouting "Beep Beep" because he's convinced he is Road Runner and another starts singing "God Bless America." Then Marko snaps his fingers and they are out like a light.  God knows how long we'd sleep if he didn't bring us back by counting from five to one. "At one you will once again be totally alert." What a bummer. Frankly I'd like to be out for a week. And when I'm ready to take a permanent hike from this world, I wouldn't mind going out to Marko's countdown.  

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