Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is it I-naug-yoo-ration or innaug-uh-ration?

What is going on with the pronunciation of this word? It's like nuclear. Could someone please clarify? I'm going with the first (yoo) but all over the media I've heard it pronounced "uh." Less than one hour to inauguration. Evelyn, my sister, called me from CA. She never goes to bed before 3:30 am but she got up early to go to the Gorilla Cafe in Berkeley for the speech. Gary and I will be headed to City Hall soon, where it is rumored that CNN might show up. I think the last time they were here was when the Men of Maple Corner stripped off their clothes for a nude calendar and got orders from all across the country because CNN played a clip of the guys posing discretely in front of a canoe, nude above and below, in an endless loop all weekend. That two minute segment earned them over a quarter million for their community center (the whole point of the calendar) and that was just after 911 so it's been a while since Vermont went public. I wish presidents would be sworn in in spring. Doesn't that make more sense? If I didn't have to sleep on a bus and stand out in the cold, I would be in Washington now, bracing myself to be trampled.

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