Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here Comes the I'm Not Really Sure What

If there's anything I hate to do, it's get up early. But this morning, I'm glad I did. Driving back to my place from Deb's, I saw the sun rise in a most remarkable fashion—a shaft of light rising vertically from the hilltops, sort of like God's Lightsaber. I didn't have the real camera with me, but shot a few photos with my cell. What's missing in this shot is contrast— the delicate blue of the sky cleaved by the sun's furious torch.

I confess I have seen few sunrises over the last couple of decades. But I have to think this formation is unusual. What atmospheric condition could direct the light in such a way? Perhaps it is a SIGN. Haven't checked the news yet, but did Dick Cheney pop a heart attack and croak?  That might be enough to warrant such a display, had the Gods just hearts and a decent sense of humor. Or maybe Nazis opened the Ark of the Covenant again. In any case, I'm glad I got to see it in person. Did any of our dear readers do the same?


  1. I just checked and it seems Cheney is still going strong (for now). I think it's a sign that we all should try to see more sunrises. Damn it.


  2. No such luck. But here's something to think about: Ian Fleming once remarked that he had never, in the whole of his adult life missed a single sunrise. I suspect comments like that even as I exclude myself from whatever elite fraternity they imply. Like when surfer Mike Doyle said, "There's never been a job, a friend, a woman, a family crisis, a military evacuation or nuclear holocaust I wouldn't walk away from if the surf was good." Something like that. I may have made up part of it. I like surfing but I blow it off for a lunch special or a dog walk or an old movie on TBS. I'm sure Mike would not approve. Oh yeah -- and I sleep in every day I can. Sorry, Ian.