Tuesday, December 16, 2008

John Paul Jones

Ten o'Clock. Parenting. Eli stayed home sick today and had to finish a big project on John Paul Jones. If you care to check my high school yearbook (1978) you will find beneath my disgusting photo, my quote: "To the establishment: we have not yet begun to fight." This alluded to my feminist activities at Bronx Science, where I was doing battle over Title IX. Remember that? Integration of sports? Now the girls on Eli's 5th grade basketball team complained that they don't like to play with the boys so all the B-ball teams are separated by gender. Soccer is still mixed though. Other than the fact that I plagiarized JPJ's line, I have nothing in common with the dude and the reason Eli picked him was probably because Jones got to fire a lot of cannons off his battle ships. I'm so wiped out from helping him with his testosterone report, almost as wiped out as I am from finishing my MFA. I'm giving myself 3 stars for being a great parent, even though I am not always appreciated as such. "Mom, whose report is this anyway?!" (He wrote, "Jones, the name the U.S. Navy worship." I tried to tell him Navy was singular and that it should read "worships.") My MFA means nothing around here.


  1. John Paul Jones, the rock drummer? How cool is that! "To the establishment: we have not yet begun to fight." That's gotta be Led Zeppelin! I didn't know they had battleships, I thought it was just the dirigible. No wonder the thing caught on fire!

  2. This is a test to see if I can leave comments

  3. Sorry about that last comment! But it seems I can post comments again ... so I will! Hilarious post. Worships -- that's the kind of detail it would be tough to make up. At least you made him pluralize it! When I tell people about my MFA they wither laugh or offer some trite condolence bout my debt load. But they must BEWARE! For I am about to be a MASTER of the fine arts. Not a student, not an acolyte, not a pathetic freakish wannabe ... a MASTER. Do we get a sword? Oh, right -- the pen is mightier, or something. Keep that in mind.