Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Off Road!

While Gary was watching the snow from his window, I was out driving Wall-e, my two wheel drive Honda Fit and my son to school. We should have brought cramp-ons because the roads were so slick. There were about eight of us on Cherry Tree Hill Road and off it. To the Right, left, and center, we slid and skated. The sander truck with chains couldn't get up the hill to plow and when he tried to back down there was this guy's car behind him. The two of them almost got into a fist fight but then they made up and helped shovel sand by hand onto the road so the guy could back down. The kindergarden teacher at Eli's school went into a ditch and called her police officer husband to take her to school. Eli hopped a ride with them while I waited two hours for the tow trucks to get us all out of there. Robert from Bob's Sunoco in Plainfield saved the day. He towed me back up the hill, just like a ski lift. Another woman and her son tried to make it up the steep incline after the road was finally sanded, in her french fryer 45 mile/gal car (another useless two wheel drive)  but she ended up having to back down again. Finally got home two hours later. Looks like I'm going to have to fork out a a wad for studded snow tires. You would think Vermont Tire would have recommended studs. Wall-e, it's not your fault you're a light weight.

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  1. You live in the right place. I hate snow. I used to like it when I was a kid and it meant sledding and 'snow days' off from school, and throwing snowballs at the cranky old guys who hated to see kids running around during the day. and watching New York City turn into a cool post-apocalyptic movie set. Now it's just the stuff that blocks my driveway and makes my car skid and turns the nice bushy little tree beside my front door, with all the low branches, into a creepy white spider. The world crowds you when it snows, everything bulging white and wearing stupid white party hats. Plus schools are out and the streets are full of annoying kids who throw snowballs at me. That's right -- I've turned into that old crank, and who wants the reminder?