Monday, December 15, 2008

Today is Clam Chowder Day

Gary and I went to the Uncommon Market today because Monday is clam chowder Day! Peter is the king of soup. Friday is fish chowder day but I prefer the clam. Today he also made corn chowder and so I mixed the two together. (I asked permission first). What a treat. That doesn't happen every day. But they were out of Boar's Head pastrami. Now I have to go shopping and I hate shopping. It requres making a list, which means I need to take an inventory of what is not in the fridge. And dump the rotted leftovers. There must be some way to avoid shopping. I could look for jobs. I forgot. There aren't any. Time for my Celexa.

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  1. This is a funny blog. I also hate shopping, but Annie hates it more so I have to do it all. This post reminds me of Moby Dick and the Try Potts in. The boys are offered "clam or cod" for breakfast. Ishmael thinks they mean one clam and he's upset. Then he figures out it's chowder. The whole 'chowder for breakfast issue' is not addressed ...